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We are Melvyn and Michi and together we will help you make your tattoo decision without a lifelong commitment!


Haven't you ever thought about getting a tattoo and just didn't know which motif to get?

This decision is not easy for any of us, and with a tattoo, it also means a lifelong commitment. And what if you even decide on the wrong motif or the wrong place?

Exactly these questions we have also asked ourselves and have been looking for a solution to this problem. We wanted to buy a tattoo to test, but only came across providers that didn't meet our requirements or simply didn't have the right motifs on offer.

If you want to read our whole founder story, you can find it here.

Let's get back to the essentials:

With Inkster, we want to give you the opportunity to fully develop yourself personally. You can make the right decisions with us, test your desired tattoo, or just feel tattooed for two weeks. Inkster's natural 2-week tattoo is here for any of these reasons and comes directly to your home with no obligations.

We pay special attention to the selection of ingredients that go into our ink. The ingredients are 100% vegan and 100% natural. The ink is certified according to European cosmetic regulations and has not been tested on animals.

Also, the ecological footprint is extremely important to us, which is why we have chosen not to use any filler materials or unnecessary packaging. All the info on how to use Inkster's natural 2-week tattoo was printed directly on the packaging.

Of course, Inkster is not perfect yet and there is always room for improvement somewhere, but you can be sure that we will never stop improving and finding new ways for old problems.

As a small start-up just going to market, we see it as our duty to innovate and always give our best, so the focus is on you, yes you, the person reading this blog post from us.

We hope you have a unique experience with Inkster and look forward to the future!
And if you have any questions, requests, or tips, feel free to ask! We are always open for news and new input. So don't hesitate to write to us!


Melvyn and Michi

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